Friday, March 8, 2013

So it's that easy, huh?

Who knew it was this easy? According to Democratic strategist Zerlina Maxwell, guns aren't the answer, it's reeducation.

Answer to what, you may ask? Rape, of course!

<sarcasm> Ms. Maxwell apparently thinks that the hundreds of thousands of women who get raped every year just aren't saying "no" loud enough. </sarcasm>

For any man, or for any boy, a simple no should be more than enough. However, we have bad people, and we have people who let themselves go to drugs and alcohol, so personally I think a woman should be free to back up her no in whatever way is necessary, but maybe that's just me.

Now, I will admit that what she says in the video isn't quite as bad as it may seem. She's not stupid, just myopically naƮve. She has a good point to make but in classic partisan politic form, she ignores the supporting points, focusing on only one aspect of the issue of rape. It's not that she's wrong in her solution per se, but rather in thinking that hers is a sufficient solution.

Enough chattering, roll film!

So yeah... Now, as to Hannity's comment on ball point pens, I think he underestimates their effectiveness, and I think that any woman should be able to defend herself with a ballpoint pen should the need arise. I however also agree with him and his guest that should said woman rather be packing heat, go for it.

Ms. Maxwell is right, of course, that we need to do more to stop rape at the societal level. Kind of like this. We all have the responsibility to change society, to hold ourselves and others accountable, and I too would rather the woman not need to defend herself in the first places. Of course, thinking that that is enough requires closing one's eyes to reality.

One of the most pathetic parts of this is that Ms. Maxwell is not alone in her thinking! And it gets worse, as the politicians mentioned in this article over at PJ Media are essentially arguing that not only are societal fixes sufficient, but that the victims are responsible for not doing enough to mitigate their risks.

We all know that if they were Republicans, the media would be all over them, but that just means it is up to us to bring their misogynistic and dangerous stupidity to light.

So, to sum up: Yes, we need to do more to reduce the situations that put women at risk; however, at the same time we must not take away anything which she may wish to use to defend herself. Work for the better world, but recognize that the one we're in has got some serious ugly.

P.S. Read this Wikipedia article on anit-rape devices. Discuss.

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