Monday, March 4, 2013

Who wants to live forever?

I do.

One could almost understand contracepting when fornicating with that special someone whom you love with all your heart and are willing to share a dwelling with but are unwilling to commit to.


We've told ourselves a lie that there is a perfect time to have a child, and that until then you shouldn't, and also we're afraid of commitment, so we push back marriage, but we've also bought into the lie that sex is essentially required in any type of meaningful relationship, so while we're not yet married we're going to act like it and live together and pay bills together and have sex, but contracept so that our play-acting at marriage doesn't yield the natural fruit of marriage...

Because that makes sense.

But what about contraception in marriage? Consider the following paraphrasation of odd exchange I had with the woman who gave me my last haircut.

Me: I have a daughter who's almost three, and a son who's almost one. How about you?

Her: I'm getting married in May, and we're not having any kids.

Oh? Why not?

I was a surrogate for a gay couple when I was 20, I've been through pregnancy, once was enough for me.

I did not comment on this. Later in the conversation...

Our friends who have six kids...

Six kids? Weird.


My mom's one of five.



My dad's one of thirteen.


The first and most obvious question is whether she missed the day at cosmetology school where they covered not insulting the client's friends and family. Of course, maybe the school skipped that class because it should be obvious that labeling someone's family size as "weird" - especially after stating that you're not having any because being a surrogate for two men who practice and promote homosexuality, and who are calling their cohabitation a marriage - is rude, not to mention a little crazy. In the order of human human history and genetics, that mindset misses the mark.

But it's more than that. Around the world, our population is in decline. Married couples regularly have at most two children, maybe three (if the first two were both boys or both girls). Population in the so-called modern world is declining. Why? How did we go from my grandfather with 10 sons having no cause for shame when he debated at the city gates (Psalm 126(127)), to being weird?

Well, I think the Prof answers this one pretty well:

Ultimately, I suspect it is pessimism, a succumbing to despair. We have seen what this world has to offer, and the world has been found wanting. We have been told by the secular world that there is nothing else after this, and told by too many religions that the hereafter is just an idealized version of this. Neither of those is appealing! Neither of those are things I want to subject my children to, let alone become immortal in.

For what are children but immortality? In his children, Abraham is alive today. The Patriarch of Israel was given immortality both in this life and the next because of his faithfulness to God.

Already I see my wife and I in our children. The arrows in my quiver are weapons which I shall loose upon this world to make my mark upon it and reshape it. They are my ultimate weapon against the spread of secularism, socialism, and every other belief which is contrary to the truth - if you can't convince 'em, outbreed 'em! I shall live on in my children as my father lives on in me, and his father in him. If I am faithful and acquit myself as a father, my children will spread the truth I have come to love, with their own (and hopefully even better) understanding.

Why do I have the desire to conquer this world? Because I know what comes next. I know that it is beyond my wildest imaginations, and I know that my children will have their own chance to inherit that kingdom too.

Let us be prayerful, and responsible, but not swayed by the empty promises of this world's "perfectly sized family". The perfect size is the one which God calls us to have, be it 1, 2, or 18; whether those arrows are yours genetically or through adoption. But no matter what, let us not fear to have that 4th child, or fifth child, or even the first. Let us face it with a spirit of courage and adventure, knowing not where it will lead, daring to put our mark on the future.

To live forever.


  1. Or let the future put it's mark on us, rather.

    1. I'm not sure how you mean that. As in, our children are our future, and yet having children changes us so that our future shapes us?

    2. Yep. It is the fear of such changes which keeps many people from having children I think. The future has many changes in store for us, if we are willing to embrace them as soul. We can live our lives connected, or disconnected and clinging to the past for relevance. Or a little bit of both I suppose. :P

    3. I'd agree with that being one of the barriers. We do not exist in a vacuum, and every time we impact we are impacted, formed by our decisions and the consequences (good, bad, and otherwise) of those decisions. That can either be exciting or terrifying, if you let it.


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