Monday, January 10, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

So, as the title of the post implies, I've had a bit of a style change where my hair is concerned...  This is a bit of documentation for y'all, with some commentary, thoughts, and fun facts.

Basically what we have here is me with long hair.

From the back so you can see just how long it is.  
Not sure exactly what that curling on the end is... Whatever.

Seriously, I was one shaggy cat...

A little more standard here, what with the ponytail and debonaire look.  
What can I say, I like it not being in my face.

And here's that ponytail from the back...  From the ties at the back of my head to the base in the middle of my back, that thing measured 22".  This of course means that the hair being pulled back from the front was over 2'.  Longer than my daughter is tall.

Anyway, fun fact I learned from the gal who cut my hair is that on average, human hair grows at the rate of ¼" a month, or 3" a year.  I shaved my head bald Spring semester of my freshman year, which is to say in the beginning of 2006, 5 years ago ± a month or so.

For the quick of math, that means my hair – without being cut – should have been 15".  With being trimmed three times, with at least an inch or two being taken off each time, it still hit two feet.  

24" + 6" = 30" = 2 x 15".  How about that.  I am follicularly endowed.

Here's the braid she put it in to send it to locks of love...

..and here it is being shorn from my head...

Even with ~20" of hair cut off, I still have long hair... 
Farewell my hair, endow some bald person with confidence and such!!!!

And now, just because I can, I will put a gratuitous number of line breaks in just so you have to scroll down for the reveal!!!!!!!!

Nope, keep going!!!!

Just a little further!!!!!!!

Almost made it!!!!!!!!

Holy cow this guy's a stud!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am now a "Shorthair."  I know this bring great sadness to some, because let's face it, I had gorgeous long hair.  But rejoice that I again have Awesome Hair™!!

Fun fact: that little bald spot dates from when
I was accidentally pushed down the concrete 
steps to my Great Grandma's basement by one
of my cousins.

Good times.

So yeah, there's my before and after post.  End of an era and all that.  I'm liking it, and I must give props to my wife's favorite hairstylist who gave me this haircut.  She did a fantastic job, and quite honestly made my hair look amazing.

That's all for now, back to serious posts presently.

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