Thursday, January 6, 2011

The 28th Amendment

I, Jeremiah Evans,
do hereby submit a petition to include
a 28th amendment to the Constitution
of the Republic
of the United States of America

  1. All future amendments and bills submitted to Congress assembled ("submissions") must fit on 1 (one) piece of legal sized paper ("the paper").
  2. Submissions may fill both sides of the paper.
  3. All submissions must be in 9 (nine) point font or larger.
  4. All submissions must have a minimum of 1" (one inch) margins in all directions.
  5. No submission will be accepted for consideration to either house of congress which does not adhere to these stipulations.
  6. All congresspersons shall be mandated to read any and all submissions before voting on them.
  7. No congressperson shall be allowed to vote on the submission if they are unable to successfully pick it out of a lineup.
  8. The president shall be mandated to read any and all submissions before signing or vetoing them.
  9. The president shall be ridiculed soundly if they are unable to successfully pick the submission out of a lineup.
  10. While being unable to successfully pick the submission out of a lineup shall not be an impeachable offense, it may be used in impeachment hearings as proof of incompetence.

Yeah. I think that should just about take care of it... Anyone else sign that petition?


  1. I would sign in a heartbeat. Let's get some conventions going!

  2. Yeah, 1-5 are basically a set up to make 6-10 a reasonable request. Take the health care bill. Supposedly if printed, it would have the mass of a UPS delivery truck. Even if it's not quite that long, it was of a truly unholy length, which no person could reasonably be asked to read. Hence my amendment proposition.

    So the real question, are you in to get the Illinois contingent energized? 2 states down, 38 to go? (The amendment must be proposed either by a convention of states - which has never happened - or by passing both houses of congress. It is then sent to the states. 3/4 of the states must ratify it to make it an amendment. Ratification is done either by the legislature, or by convention in each state, in either case by a simple majority. The method is specified in the amendment proposal, and defaults to the legislatures if neither is specified.)


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