Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Everybody has one...

We elected these people???

Kinda feels like this sometimes, doesn't it?

I mean, sure, as Iowans we have Grassley, and he's pretty awesome on the whole, what with his actually making an attempt to be in touch with his constituents.

But when's the last time we've had a good option for any major elected position? Theoretically, the politicians should be both good people, concerned with the good of the people, and simply have different ideas about what's best.

When's the last time we've had even one candidate who was clearly superior, both from a moral and ideological background? Who is the last major candidate (i.e. not primaries) that didn't make you feel the least bit slimy?

I mean, look at the last presidential election. I haven't liked McCain for a long time, like, since before I could vote. But I voted for the man because I was apparently psychic and saw the mess we're in now coming. The election before that, the Dems admitted that Kerry's sole positive was that he wasn't Bush. What happened to candidates standing on their own merits?

Some of you may have seen this article that I posted on Facebook, but I will repost it for ease of access: Republicans kinda suck...

Back so soon? Are you sure you read it all?

Now, before you start arguing whether or not Republicans actually won big, remember that they they went from the Democrats being a mere 7 from supermajority (they had 59, even assuming that they win none of the three remaining contested seats, they only need to sway five Democrats and Independents (and their whole party). In the House, they've gained a majority, by swinging 14% of the total number of seats present.

That's big, especially with Obama winning ~68% of the Electoral College in '08.

So, we the people have sent a message to Washington, as well as our state capitols.


What's important here, what needs to happen, is that the Democrats need to realize that we're tired of their progressivism, that we are tired of them spending our money for frivolities outside their mandate, that they need to go back to the way they were before they went crazy in the 60's.

The Republicans need to understand that this midterm election is not a victory for Republicans, it is a defeat for Democrats, and they need to understand the difference. They are the annoying dog barking its fool head off next door, and we just bought ourselves a shock collar.

We need to remember that we are in charge of our country's destiny.

We need to remember that we have not and will not be giving the Republicans carte blanche.

If we forget, they certainly won't remind us.

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