Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well, I figured I'd better start this blog out right, appropriately nerdy and all. I just decided today, maybe all those kids with their bliggity-blogs and their facey-spaces were on to something. So here I am, with my very own blag. Maybe I'll even clean up and start using my wobpage!!!

In any case, welcome to my blog. The title comes from my collected works of poetry, in turn named after the movie of 2002. I have not seen the movie, I just really like the title.

These are my thoughts, my musings, my rants and my ramblings.  Nothing more or less, they are what I am thinking at the moment. Not to say that what I think fluctuates wildly, simply what I think about. I am a Mastermind, after all.

You people are so hard to look after.

So welcome, pull up a chair by the fireplace, grab a glass/mug/shot of your favorite inebriative, and let's talk.

Topic #1: I am right.


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  1. :) Welcome to the blag-o-spherey. :) I love that you write like you talk. Now I can get a dose of Jeremiah, whenever I want. :)

    Thank you, too, for your honesty, your clarity, and your shining light, and even your passion for things I could care less about. I always learn something new around you. :)


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