Monday, October 4, 2010

Epic Music

Muse: United States of Eurasia

I pretty much love this album, and most of their work in general.  This song in particular just has such a sweeping sound, what with the interspersion of massive piano sections reminiscent of Lawrence of Arabia and Indiana Jones, and then the outro, which is basically just one big exhalation... Me likey.

Apparently the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI appreciates them as well:

Share your favorite epic songs of epicness in the comments!


  1. How can you put "epic" and "music" in the same idea without mentioning Bohemian Rhapsody? In fact, all of Queen's hits deserve the title of Epic. Side note: Breaking Benjamin did a cover of "Who Wants to Live Forever"'s pretty awesome.

    Old-school Metallica deserves some credit as well (Of Wolf and Man, Call of the Ktulu), and Pink Floyd.

    --Alex Fitz

  2. Agreed, I was just in a particularly Eurasian mood I suppose.

    While we're on a Queen kick, Somebody to Love.

    Also, Symphony and Metallica is pretty amazing.


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